Putting Things Together (Discussion)

Ron Tammen wiring some cans together

Do you have a question or comment that’s more general in nature–something that extends beyond a specific blog post and synthesizes, extrapolates, and/or puts two and two together? Here’s a good place to write down these sorts of comments and questions.

Feel free to chime in!

6 thoughts on “Putting Things Together (Discussion)

  1. I’ll share one point I’d never considered before finding this site. I had a sort of blind spot for the possibility Ron rode away in someone else’s car. Nothing earth shattering in that, but I’m amazed it never entered my mind. That particular point is probably why I’d always leaned to the Fraternity Prank Gone Wrong Theory.

    1. I know, right? It just makes so much sense. And unless he hitchhiked, which I don’t believe he did, now we have ourselves a conspiracy. (PS. Thanks for using the new page!)

    1. Based on evidence I gathered, I believe that the lengthy post from Anonymous was written by an imposter. After nine days, I pulled it plus my comments.

  2. Well, if I was a well meaning friend of the Miami personnel mentioned, and wanted to defend them, I’d have written something a lot like that. It seemed a bit obvious. I almost said so on the thread. But as I wasn’t sure, I let it go.

    1. Sure, but I can’t have someone misrepresenting their area of expertise. Because it’s my blog, I can’t let things go so easily. As a result, I’ve removed the anonymous feature so people need to put a name to what they’re saying.

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