On Sunday, April 19, 1953, at 8:30-ish in the evening, Ronald H. Tammen, Jr., disappeared from his second-floor room in Fisher Hall on Miami University’s campus in Oxford, Ohio. He left everything behind — his wallet, his string bass, his car, his clothing, even his toothbrush. No one could figure out what happened to Tammen. Miami University officials were mystified, the Oxford  PD outwitted, the FBI flummoxed. Since the spring of 2010, I’ve been conducting my own search for Tammen and what his disappearance might tell us about this enigmatic 19-year-old who landed himself squarely in the middle of one of the most bedeviling mysteries ever to hit the state of Ohio.

An update: This blog is on (quasi) hiatus as of April 20, 2019. But make no mistake: I’m still working on the case—just a little more quietly. (I need to save some secrets for the book right?) Currently, we’re awaiting word from an interagency panel to determine if my theory on what happened to Ronald Tammen is upheld. Once that happens–either way–everyone who follows me (through the blog, Facebook, or Twitter) will be notified. If you’re new to this site, feel free to bring yourself up to speed during this lull. Also, if you have a lead, comment, or question, you can use the contact form to communicate with me. Thank you!


Jan. 1, 2020:  Check out the new blue Facebook feed in the sidebar. Now you can read the latest updates on my research, even the baby steps, and stay in-the-know whenever you visit the blog site.

July 8, 2020: Even though this blog is officially on hiatus, you may have noticed that I’ve written several posts during this period. I do it every so often because A) I consider the info to be a bigger deal than my usual incremental updates on Facebook; and B) I like to reward the people who have supported this blog site for so long. Please don’t expect a new post on a regular basis, but don’t be surprised if one should pop into your inbox once in a while if you subscribe. Be well, and don’t forget to wear your mask. It looks super good on you.

August 2, 2020: Big news! The podcast “The One That Got Away” is dedicating its entire second season to Ron Tammen! Be sure to listen as Josh and Tyler discuss the intricacies of the Tammen case, focusing especially on findings from the “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” blog site. On occasion, I’ll pop in to provide some backstory, address questions, etc. If you haven’t had time to read all 49 blog posts, here’s a great way to come up to speed!

Click on the above image to listen to the The One That Got Away’s eight-episode season on The Disappearance of Ronald Tammen, which runs from July 13 (trailer) to September 23, 2020 (season finale). Or you can also click on individual episodes below.

Episode 0Season Two Trailer
Episode 1The Disappearance of Ronald Tammen
Episode 2 Our Expert Contributor and Building a Background on Ron
Episode 3An Officer and a Gentlewoman
Episode 4The Roommate, the Textbook, and an Encounter in Wellsville
Episode 5Why Ron’s Psych Textbook Had Miami Officials So Worried
Episode 6What Was Going On with Ron?
Episode 7The CIA’s Man at Miami
Episode 8SEASON FINALE: Fingerprints Don’t Lie