A Good Man Is Hard to Find is named after an old-fashioned jazz tune by Eddie Green that Ronald Tammen and his fellow Campus Owls used to play back in the day. (As a woman, I find the lyrics more than a little maddening, but times were different back then.) I thought the title was apropos in an understated sort of way.

This website is for anyone who likes a good mystery. It’s for those who appreciate off-the-wall details and backstories as much as the main story itself. It’s for people who are fascinated by the process of how one goes about looking for clues in a case that’s way beyond cold—where almost everyone involved has died, police records are long gone, and DNA samples, security camera footage, and cellphone records never existed.

I’m an old-school writer who frequently steps away from her computer to drive places and call people and who still uses libraries and the U.S. mail to get answers to questions. I’ve sued the Department of Justice for withholding documents and managed to get a little more from them. Although I plan to save some details for the book I’m writing, this site will offer never-before-seen glimpses into Ronald Tammen’s story and why I believe it’s still so relevant today. Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

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