My Ongoing Quest…

So how does a 50-something-year-young person conduct an investigation into a decades-old case with no leads and no actual training in investigations? Three ways: you talk to people, you seek out old documents, and you scour general news sources, such as newspapers, magazines, documentaries, books, and the like. Well, actually there’s a fourth way: you don’t take no for an answer. (Being over 50 actually helps with that last one.) We’ll address that topic a little later. Let’s deal with the first three, one by one:

2 thoughts on “My Ongoing Quest…

  1. Wowwww Zee!
    I get a bit emotional, saddened and a touch angry when I think of the tragedy behind all of this.
    The Tammen family and the tragedy!
    Did John or Richard know anything?
    Who knows really.
    Was Ron Tammen so determined to make a name for himself, make changes to better the world that he disappeared to do it?
    Just a young man from Maple Hts. leaving home to go to a college his family attended.
    The FBI and the like hiding documents because they could. Blatantly holding info. and the truth from a family.
    That is true tragedy.

    1. I know…it infuriates me to think that some GS-14 or 15 gets to know what happened to Ron but the family doesn’t? It’s unconscionable.

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