FAILURE! My wild ride through the Ohio Court of Claims has come to an end

Hello! I’m writing this blog post to let you know that my quasi lawsuit through the Ohio Court of Claims has officially ended with a sputter and a sad little splat. The university has finally produced Hockey Tape #2—sort of. It’s definitely in worse shape than Hockey Tape #1, since it’s only a few choppy images of Miami’s three hockey coaches with no sound. BUT, as I’d told the university’s lawyer during mediation, once they produced both recordings, I would voluntarily dismiss my complaint, and that’s what I ended up doing yesterday evening. Because I’m a woman of my word. And the last time I checked, that’s still a good thing.

It’s been a maddening couple of days in which I’ve been struggling with, in my view, the least user-friendly, nay, the most user-unfriendly computer platform I’ve ever experienced. (Note to Ohio Court of Claims: why do you even have a box for “Comments to Court” if no one from said court ostensibly reads the contents of said box? And why even have a box for “Client Reference Number” when no one seems to know what that is?”)

After the university’s lawyer submitted his motion for the court to dismiss my complaint on Wednesday afternoon, I only had a short window of time in which to submit my affidavit, which I’d been working on for days. 

I submitted that affidavit over….and over….and over, only to receive a “FAILURE” message hours later. My failures ranged from attaching PDFs (Exhibits A-E) that weren’t PDF-y enough, using the “Comments to Court” box to write my comments to the court, and sending my affidavit as a PDF document that had inactive URL addresses that were visible to the eye. The mere presence of an “http” would set that thing off.

Just as I was on my…let’s see…2nd day and 4th try, I think, that’s when the university’s Office of General Counsel sent me those raggedy, soundless images. Brilliant.

There was simply no freaking way that I was going to voluntarily dismiss my complaint without sending in my side of things first. I uploaded my affidavit as a document (Note to Ohio Court of Claims: why don’t you just say outright that the affidavit must be sent as a document, or in your vernacular: Filing, instead of having that confusing “Comments to Court” box?), and clicked on the option to “withdraw” my complaint. I knew I was sending them a mixed message but I didn’t care. I also didn’t know the difference between withdrawing a complaint and voluntarily dismissing a complaint, but I suppose I didn’t care about that either. (I still don’t.)

Some merciful soul accepted my affidavit this time (perhaps out of pity, having seen all of my failed attempts) and they added in the notes that I’d need to submit a form in which I voluntarily dismissed the complaint, which I did.

Here’s my affidavit. And here are my attachments, which you’ve no doubt seen before.

So, I guess this little skirmish has come to an end. I hadn’t planned to write a blog post about it, since it isn’t a big revelation. But I noticed a spike in visits yesterday, so it seems as though at least a few of you are interested in what I might have to say.

I have to say this: I still think that the university archivist had assigned number 10F-4-129 to an Oral History Project DVD and I’m still going to try to find it. I promise to do so quietly unless I discover something big.

Happy Friday to all who celebrate.

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1 month ago

I didn’t even realize it was Friday until I came home from work yesterday and read your post, because that’s the soul-sucking nature of working retail, especially in December.

Also (insert sarcasm font here) I’m shocked that that state of Ohio has any poorly-designed government websites! Out of 50 states, we are the 2nd-worst in terms of Jobs and Family Services website and software for claims/etc, and we can’t even update it because the company contracted to do the work is under federal indictment for bribes or antitrust or whatever, so why would Common Claims court be any better? (Which, maybe works ok if you’re a paralegal or someone who knows their way around the system, not so great for the *common* person. If it were me I’d like step-by-step instructions, preferably with pictographs.)

Final thought: still feel like there was a cover-up of some kind, although probably trying to cover how badly someone screwed up by letting Wile E. Coyote damage the hockey tape.
I recently heard a new (to me) take on the JKF assassination conspiracy, where claims that in the confusion of Oswald shooting at the president, one of the two extremely hung-over secre service agents in the car behind Kennedy accidentally discharged a weapon, which was the shot that killed him. And the conspiracy wasn’t that he was targeted by anyone, but to cover up a tragic mistake that would make the US look pretty stupid, especially during the cold war. What I’m trying to say is, the person presenting this idea thought if there is a Kennedy conspiracy, this is the most likely one, because he feels most coverups are people trying to conceal incompetence rather than be nefarious, which seems logical to me.

Suzie Thomas
Suzie Thomas
1 month ago

You’ve SUCCESSFULLY identified one more thing that’s not the answer. Getting closer…..

1 month ago

“Too PDFy” and “happy Friday to all who celebrate” are two of the best things I’ve read all week. I say this not to be dismissive about the frustration you’re feeling at this point, but rather to convey how much I love reading any update from you. Your tenacity is uplifting and I admire you and your stick-to-it-iveness.