It’s raining hockey tapes…hallelujah

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For all you hockey fans among us, I have great news. And for the rest of us, I have an important development.

For the past week or so, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a description in my own words of how everything has gone down regarding my quest to obtain the Oral History Project recordings that weren’t posted on the university’s bicentennial website. You all probably could have helped me write it, since you know pretty much everything. Actually, the blog did help me remember some of the details. (Like remember when I dressed up like Barbara Stanwyck for my first mediation meeting even though it was conducted over the phone? I was so immature back then.) As of roughly 2:00 this afternoon, my affidavit totaled about 3000 words and I’d begun assembling my supporting documents, 14 in all, which would be exhibits A through N. I wanted to be ready at the exact moment it was time for me to tell the special master (yes, you heard me, my case has a special master too) my side of the story. 

To provide a little more background, when the last mediation hearing had concluded a couple weeks ago (August 31), the university and I were at an impasse over the hockey coaches recording, which meant that the mediation part of the process had come to an end. The word the Court of Claims used was “failed,” which was kind of sad. If any of you have ever served on a hung jury, it felt like that. All that time invested, and we’d come up short. It also meant that the university’s lawyer had 10 business days in which to “file a response, and if applicable, a motion to dismiss” my complaint. 

The ball has been in their court this entire time, which is why I’ve been quiet lately. I had no idea what their lawyer would say. I also couldn’t tell from the special master’s instructions how much time I was going to have to respond after the university’s lawyer submitted whatever he was planning to submit. The timeline looked tight. The special master would submit his report and recommendation “no later than 7 business days” after the university’s lawyer submitted his response, which didn’t give me much time. I’d been working on my affidavit so that, when the time came, I’d be able to send my response off too—hopefully within an hour of the university lawyer’s response.

But today at around 2:20 p.m. I received a surprise. My lawyer forwarded an email saying that the university wished to reopen mediation proceedings. It appears that they have located a hockey recording—which their lawyer has identified as “Hockey Interview #1.” Also, they have found a vendor to repair “HOCKEY TAPE #2 (EDIT),” which is also great news. 

So we’ll see. It still could take a little while, but hopefully by this time next month, we’ll know if one…or both…or neither of the hockey tapes contain the 5/19/2009 interview with the Miami Hockey Coaches as part of Miami’s Oral History Project. 

10 thoughts on “It’s raining hockey tapes…hallelujah

  1. Hi Jennifer.
    15 days from today our Marcia would have experienced her 80 years of earthly life.
    I felt it fitting to pray and find a perfect organization to donate in her honor.
    I was able to receive an answered prayer on Tuesday. I mailed a check after visiting the Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County.
    As we know Marcia was all about family.
    I can only hope the hickey puck of tapes blasts thru the net.
    It would be a real and wonderful gift for my dearest and best friend.
    Thank you Jennifer.
    Jule E. Miller

    1. Thanks, Jule. It’s amazing that Marcia would be turning 80 and also that Ron would have turned 89 this past July. I’m still hopeful about the hockey coach tape…it would be incredibly awesome if what I think happened did happen. And if I’m wrong, well, I guess we need to know that too. But as of right now, I’m still hopeful.

  2. This is all really weird. I expect the hockey tapes to be hockey tapes, but Mother Miami’s petulant behavior makes no sense.

  3. I enjoy your updates! I tried to find the podcast of you going over this case to share with my wife but could not find it. Is it archived/saved somewhere? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! You can get to the podcast from my homepage, but you may have to scroll a little to find it. It’s beneath the white square with the red border, under the title box “The One That Got Away.”

      1. Hi Mike — I’ve checked the links on every podcast site I could find, and it seems to be down. As am I. 😞 I’ll email Josh and Tyler to double check, but I’m afraid it may be gone. I’m really sorry. Thanks again for letting me know.

      2. Hi Mike–alas, “The One That Got Away” is no longer available online, at least for now. If Josh and Tyler find a new home for their podcast, I’ll be sure to repost the second season. Thanks again for the heads up.

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